VizTech2: Beautiful Particles

This project was an assignment for my Visualization Technologies II class, taught by Pedro Cruz at Northeastern in the Spring semester of 2016.

We have been learning about programming particle motion using vector-based code in P5.js, and were assigned the task of creating an aesthetically interesting “sketch” to demonstrate understanding of the code. I used this as an opportunity to figure out how to implement polymorphism in Javascript. I also learned a bit about prototype functions, and am beginning to explore particle autonomy as a “next step” for this project.

A screenshot only shows so much: the animated version can be seen here.

Beautiful Particles Screenshot

A note on browsers: All of my web applications were developed using Google Chrome. I have run into occasional problems with some versions of Safari and Internet Explorer, and would recommend viewing with Chrome. The blog posts linked below have additional screenshots, in case the live version isn’t working.

Further details about the project development can be found in the related blog posts, below.