VisComm: Rights of Man Typesetting

This project was the first assignment for my Visual Communications class with Ernesto Aparicio at Northeastern in the 2015 fall semester.

We were given the text for the fourth article from the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, published in France in 1789. The assignment had two parts: in the first part, we were to choose a single typeface and font size and create a composition using only the text and number of the article. This allowed us to apply typesetting concepts from class, including use of appropriate leading, tracking, and rag, as well as creating an interesting layout using only two elements on the page. Creating 5 compositions with different typefaces allowed us to compare their size, weight, and feel on the page.

In the second part of the assignment,  we created an additional 5 compositions using a single typeface chosen from the first series, but we were allowed to change the size and weight of the text. This allowed us greater compositional freedom, as well as the opportunity to emphasize aspects of the text to reflect the meaning of the original author.


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