VisComm: Infographic poster

This project was an assignment for my Visual Communications class with Ernesto Aparicio at Northeastern in the 2015 fall semester.

We were asked to choose a topic related to the environment and create an infographic poster that summarized our research on that topic. I chose to work on the broad topic of biodiversity, and then narrowed my focus still further to look at the complex relationship between agricultural practices and the declining monarch butterfly population.

Starting from peer reviewed, scientific research papers, I extracted information to create a coherent narrative that relates butterfly survival to pesticide use. Displaying this information in poster form allowed me to practice visual representation of scientific data, create a compelling narrative through headlines supported by more detailed text, establish hierarchy and visual flow, and to balance aesthetic considerations with the need to convey information clearly. The 6-week development process also allowed me to practice synthesizing feedback from multiple sources, and integrating conflicting viewpoints into a design.

Butterfly_poster_final_no spots


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