IDStudio3: Food Flow

This project was developed in my Information Design Studio 3 class, taught by Mauro Martino at Northeastern in the Fall semester of 2016.

The visualization was one of a series of explorations into the relationship between soil health and human land use. After comparing values for individual countries in the Soil Map project, I wanted to find a way to emphasize interconnections in the global food network. I chose to visualize food import and export data for every country in the world, and to allow users to explore trends over time. This version was later incorporated into a larger website as part of my thesis project.

A live version of the project can be found here, or view the video below.


A note on browsers: All of my web applications were developed using Google Chrome. I have run into occasional problems with some versions of Safari and Internet Explorer, and would recommend viewing with Chrome. The blog posts linked below have additional screenshots, in case the live version isn’t working.

Further details about the project development can be found in the related blog posts, below.