Designing a memorial booklet

When my uncle passed away unexpectedly last October, I took on the responsibility of organizing a memorial service to honor his life. I wanted something that would capture his irreverent spirit, and that would honor his artwork as well.

For the service itself, I designed a simple booklet with poems and readings to guide the service, and a poster montage of family photos. When we cleaned out his computer and apartment, we found a large collection of photos of his art, which I decided to compile into a book to showcase his work. We found a great series of photos in his collection, which I used as the front cover on the booklets, and that really pulled the design together.

The design itself was pretty minimal; Futura bold, paired with those photos, and then a curated collection of his art work. Really, my goal was to step back and let his work speak for itself. Here’s the inside of the program booklet:

And some of my favorite spreads from the photo book:

And a quick flip-through of the whole booklet (sorry for the back-to-front reading; I needed my right hand to control the camera!).


This was a difficult project due to the circumstances, but it was also a really great opportunity for me to get to know Lugh through his work, and to use my design skills in service of his memory. I used a local printer for the booklet and poster, and Blurb’s premium magazine service to print the art book, and am very happy with how all three came out.